Turing Dreams Into Realty

Welcome To Plakads Realty

Plakads Realty is an organisation headquartered in Kolkata, India. We are members of HIRA, RERA, RECA & other authorized bodies as well as certified channel partners for prominent real estate builders of India. We are an experienced team of Real Estate Advisors. With a collective industry experience of more than 40+ Years. We provide services such as Broking, Loan Assistance, Property Due Diligence, Estate Transaction Advisory & Project Marketing. At Plakads Realty, we take great pride in selling an asset that is much more than just an asset, a home, an office, a factory and a dream. Over the years, Plakads Realty, like any old organization has seen its ups and downs. From expanding our services offered & team strength to leveraging new digital technologies to serve our clients better. We at Plakads Realty have an open-minded and flexible approach that helps us adapt and server your needs better.

Our Mission

When it comes to the Real Estate Industry, there is a stark trust deficit and an even deeper knowledge deficit. We aim to bridge that deficit by adding our established record and goodwill alongside our expertise to ensure speedy and secure transactions alongside good knowledge that helps you grow and appreciate your real estate value.

Our Values

Dreams, Trust, Expertise & Professionalism. These are the four core values that define our organization. From treating you not as a customer but a family member, we ensure the highest care to ensure your real estate portfolio works. Expertise and experience that gives you an edge over the market alongside everlasting support.

Our Vision

We dream, to make the Indian real estate market, an organized, transparent and high-trust industry. By bridging information, trust and knowledge gaps, we want to contribute to our nations development by ensuring optimum capital allocation in the Real Estate Industry, from Project Marketing & Land Brokerage, we start this from inception.

Our Resources

With an experienced team for sales, marketing and diligence, we are equipped to ensure a fast and secure transaction. From an online platform & a intelligence portfolio of 3000+ unique properties & projects and access to key information networks, we leverage AI & Human Intelligence, we have a strong foundation ready to help you.

Other Verticles

Over the years, we at Plakads have taken up other businesses to serve our customers and create more value. Check out our verticles below and visit their websites to learn more.


We can fulfil your apparel needs ranging from readymade garments, fit for white-labelling to made-to-order customized products. From design inputs, knitting, cutting, stitching, printing, finishing & packaging we manage multiple processes to give you a wide range of options.

Indraprastha Design Co.

We are a Creative agency that harnesses the power of the collective to create wonders for growing business, start-ups & enterprising individuals. We pool resources and efforts to deliver to our clients, the best quality of marketing at great better prices.

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