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Vastu for Home: 7 Vastu Tips for a Positive Life

Posted by Manisha Dugar on November 15, 2022

Creating the best interiors for each space in our houses is something we like doing. But more and more individuals are choosing to live in homes that are created using Vastu Shastra to promote a happy and uncomplicated existence. This traditional Indian architectural style aids in directing good energy so that those living there lead contented and joyful lives, keeping stress and negativity at bay. Today, we’ll talk about how Vastu may make your house a happier place.

Vastu Tips For Home #1: A Beautiful Entrance

A clean and beautiful entrance attracts good energies and is an extremely significant door to positivity. At all times, the entrance should be kept well-lit, organized, and bright. According to Vastu, the east or north is the ideal direction for your entrance door. Keep the path free of obstructions like shoes by removing them when not in use. It is thought to draw unfavorable energy. A tidy foyer welcomes positive vibes!

Vastu for Home #2: Color of the House

Colors have a significant influence in elevating the positivity of your home, much like entrances do. Use natural tones like white, green, and sky blue while painting your house. By doing this, your home will absorb positive energies, enhancing the health and well-being of the entire family. Orange and yellow will be the greatest options for those seeking optimism, hence the best choice for study rooms.

Vastu for Home #3: Location of the Prayer Room

Every house needs to have a room designated entirely for meditation or prayer, according to Vastu Shastra. Choose the east corner of your home when designing such a space. Make careful to keep this space clean and separate from the bathroom.

Vastu Tips For Home #4: Unhindered Sunlight

According to Vastu experts, direct sunshine,, is necessary for the home’s overall wellness. Not only does sunlight make your home brighter, but also unhindered sunrays cleanse the area of all germs and negative energy. To prevent a clash of energy, it’s crucial to leave open spaces in every corner and avoid sharing walls with adjacent houses. Let the sunshine into your houses!

Vastu Tips For Home #5: No Thorny Plants

Cacti and other thorny shrubs should not be kept indoors as they may draw negative energy. Instead of using plastic or synthetic flowers using genuine flowers is a better idea. Your homes will be filled with positive vibes as a result, which will make a big impact. Additionally, remove any dead trees or plants directly in front of your house. Planting a citrus plant near the main entrances can bring a sense of calm and peace into the house.

Vastu for Home #6: The Direction of the Water Tank

One key aspect of Vastu Shastra is the placement of the water tank. Placing it towards the north may help you avoid creating a dosh. If correctly placed, the tank can enhance the positive energy in and around your house. Cleaning the water tank on a regular basis is one of the most crucial Vastu advice for the home.

Vastu for Home #7: Balcony in the East

Making sure that your home has at least one balcony that faces east in addition to creating a prayer room in the same direction can invite a lot of freshness, well-being, and positivity. This is one of the simplest Vastu solutions as early sunshine may uplift and inspire you.

Vastu Tips for a New House


Make sure to align the directions of all the rooms according to Vastu if you are building a new home. Both a kitchen and a prayer room can be built in the east direction. Your child’s room should face south, while your master bedroom should face northwest. If you apply the ideal combination of direction and color when designing a new home, you wouldn’t need any Vastu dosh remedies.

The bedroom should not have a water fountain since it will damage your relationship. You shouldn’t even hang a picture of a fountain in your bedroom, in fact. Another point to remember is to never use dark paint colors on your house; instead, choose light, airy hues.

Now that you’re aware of some Vastu tips and remedies, you should dive deep into correcting any Vastu dosh from your home. By doing this, you will enhance your health and increase the joy in your life. Also, if you are looking for homes that are free from potential Vastu dosh, we are here to help. Bringing to you your desired home that is right for you from all perspectives is what makes us happier.


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